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February 09, 2009


Alma Limon

Welcome to the United States! I saw the movie recently through Netflix and I was amazed at how talented you guys are, and I could not be happier for you! Now you will be free to rock, grow your hair as long at you fucking want, and head bang! Woooh! Do you have a facebook page? If you don't you should get one, you have many many fans! Hopefully you get a CD out soon and maybe Concerts? I would love to go! Best of luck!

Susan Brackett

It's great that all you now have to worry about is regular band BS! =D
Did you manage my neck of the woods, Southern CA, or are you in a cold part of the country?
Anyway, I hope all your dreams come true!


Guys, I just heard you've made it to the US and I can't tell you how happy I am for you... I've been in Iraq for some time now working at a military base... sometimes it doesn't seem like much good has come from this war but hopefully you guys can turn your hardships into a better future for yourselves, the band and your families. America tends to reward people with guts and drive, you guys will do just fine. Anyways, whenever I get back to the US I'd love to see an Acrassicauda show, and I know LOTS of my metal friends feel the same way. Hopefully I get to meet you guys sometime soon, until then, stay heavy fucking metal! \m/

Jeff G.

Much love to you all. I watched the Vice specials and it was incredibly inspiring and compelling to see your collective journey. I play music too, and it's a beautiful thing. I hope only the very best for you all and your families. Hearing you all speak brought tears to my eyes. It was all just so deep.

Sometimes you were depressed. Sometimes you were resigned. Sometimes you were downright furious. I love you. Metalheads everywhere love you. Metal itself loves you.

Keep doing what you all do best. Rock out, brothers. Hold those metal signs high.

Love from Oklahoma,
Jeff G.

Rob Del Vecchio

Don't you love how music brings people together? I think it is the greatest thing ever to happen to human society.
I'm glad that you are free to express your ideas and live your dreams! I wish you all the best of luck!

Brutally yours,

Rui Roque

Greetings from Portugal. I just found out about your story and I'm really glad that can, finally, play your music as loud as you want.

I hope some day you'll play in europe...

best of luck
Keep on kiking ass

Rui Roque.



Hey, if any of you are in the NYC area, shoot me an email and I'll take you all out to a bunch of metal bars, and drinks on me!


.: Adam

Matthew Arkema

One of your fans here. You guys are really rock, I'm trying to figure out how I can buy a recording of you guys. Do you have recordings available? Your original music in the movie was pretty dam cool. I'm from New York and if you guys ever do a show in Jersey or over here I'll definitely be there. Your an inspiration to us all.



Awesome news guys, definitely update us when you book your first show in the states. Best of luck. - Paul


I'm happy to hear you all got out safe and well. You are all a true inspiration.
Best wishes for the future. Keep on rocking!


Just watched the documentary and am truly inspired. Welcome to the States - when is the tour ;-) Keep us posted!


ACRASSICAUDA!! Welcome to the US of motherf*ing A!

My wife and I just saw the documentary about you guys, and I have to say we are brand new fans for life, who are anxiously awaiting your music and a chance to see a show! We'll keep checking the Web for music and dates, whenever they may come. We admire you for your courage and strength to make it through these long years. Long live f*ing metal!!


I saw your video on netflix I'm so glad you guys made it to the states. I am truly inspired by your story. You guys better come to Sacramento when you go on tour. I can't wait for the album I'm sure is on the way. You guys rock!

mustafa altaie


lou tibbs

Hey Guys, welcome to America, and more to the point, welcome to Jersey! You are in one of the metal meccas of the world. Once you've had a chance to get settled I hope you'll play some shows in Jersey - there are a million venues, small and large, that will have you play. And if you get the word out, I will be there!


Guys, we love you here in Canada. When I saw your movie a while back I couldn't help but force everybody I knew to watch it. As soon as the first five minutes passed in the film, whoever was watching it felt connected to all of you and was wishing there was a happy ending to the documentary. It's so good to hear that all your efforts have succeeded and that you're in New Jersey right now. You guys deserve all the fortune that's coming your way. I'm coming all the way from Canada to wherever you're playing a show! I really can't wait for that moment!

Jennifer McLennan

I am sending you all a most Massive, Massive hug to where ever you are right at the moment...

I watched the film last night curled up with my 12 year old son...We finished up a box of tissue-there they are right now... all balled up under my bed . I am really happy you made it to this leg of the Journey-North America.If you ever make it diagonal opposite to New Jersey (Victoria,BC) you will have more free drinks, food,places to crash and more fan converts for life.I would like to show this film at my son's school..your tenacity,grace,courage, talent and refusal to give up despite the most diabolical forces against you... leaves me pretty much speechless..people,especially kids need to see this.

All The Best!!!



This is fantastic news! Me and my boyfriend have been following you guys and this has brought a huge smile on my face. I went to see Heavy Metal in Baghdad before christmas and it is so nice to hear you are all reunited now!!! You deserve so much success. I hope one day you come over to the UK cause I would without a doubt go and watch you live. You're a credit to the metal music scene and an inspiration to all of us. Keep rocking!

Gemma xxx


AWESOME! My husband and I just watched the documentary, and we were both filled with melancholy when it was over (I'm American, but he's from Morocco and at least can understand well what it's like living in exile, if not in a war zone). But then we found this website and are both so thrilled for all of you. You're all brilliant. You're all so promising. You all deserve every success under the sun. I'm absolutely thrilled to welcome you to my country. Absolutely, utterly thrilled. I feel so lucky you're here! Welcome, welcome, welcome ...

Mark A Cook

Awesome...simply awesome. Welcome to America guys. Metal up your ASS !!! \w/ I watched your movie and was extremely moved by your persistance and dedication to the music. the dream is right there, you just gotta work hard and practice baby. Good luck !!


wow, that was the most moving documentary on music I have ever seen. I really wish i could support you guys somehow, by buy an album. I want to meet you guys some day and see you live at one of your own shows! enjoy america, we are so glad you are here!!


The documentary was very very moving. I wish Acrassicauda (It's a kick-ass name, dude... Only a bit hard to spell correctly), its members and their families all the very best. I hope there will be an album eventually. I picked up this DVD today by accident and somehow it seems that with this very recent blog posting of yours your story has somewhat of a happier ending than the documentaries ending suggested. Still, it is unimaginable the stuff you went through! Hang on, stay strong and the utmost respect from one very spoiled and now humbled musician in Holland.


Good luck guys. I watched the film and follow ups, and have followed you guys ever since. As a female metal fan, who works in the middle east, i salute you and your courage and attitude.

Doug Hunter

Welcome to the states, boys! I hope it's treating you well so far, I can't wait to hear more of your progress, and I look forward to your inevitable interviews with Metal Mania or Guitar World, or whatever the fuck music rags you guys end up on!
-Doug Hunter, J.S.P.S.


Acrassicauda!!! You are an honour to your name...
Firas, Faisal, Marwan and Tony... here a little deep respect for all of you and your families from a Metal-head from Amsterdam - The Netherlands. Me i am 36 and love metal for over 20 years, seeing your film made me very emotionally charged! You are so right when you said we have it so easy, (maybe too easy)i just now saw your movie and just had to react in some way !!! if you guys ever come to amsterdam you have a house and food guaranteed - my house is your house, my food is your food.
All the best, never stop dreaming never stop banging!!!
Love and Rock on !! Luke.

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