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May 07, 2008


Devil Rising

Congrats guys, on finally seeing some theatrical release, as well as the long awaited DVD!!! Hopefully the film will do well enough to see further release in other cities. Your story is one that has inspired many, including myself, and it needs to be heard by the "Right People", people who can help you guys in a much more direct way. Possibly even people who could help you get out of Turkey and get set up someone less expensive, with a record deal. You guys are incredibly talented and your story and your music need to be heard by the world!

For anybody here who wants to continue to do more to help the incredible young men in this band, I highly suggest you come check out their official support group on MySpace. It's called "Project: Acrassicauda", and it's been up and running now for probably a year. It isn't much, but it has been one small part of the ongoing movement started by Vice to help this band live free and achieve their dreams. We need more members, and more people spreading the word. So please, come join up, and invite your friends!!!


Tanner Westhomas - DethByAudio@hotmail.com

What the fuck is up guys?
i just heard about you on the news, and i support you guys 100%
you're an inspiration
have you heard of a band called Lamb Of God? there my favorite metal band. if u are gunna get any of their cds i recomend "As the Palaces Burn" or "Ashes of the Wake".
You are a fuck of a lot closer to you dreams than you know.
i hope someday i can start a metal band, ive been trieing for 2 1/2 years now, im a vocalist, and learning Rhythm Guitar to take up another place in the non-existant band i live in a country-suberbia town and all the mutherfuckers who can play instruments are in bands already, so if your ever looking for a metal vocalist, ya got my e-mail, cuz someday your gunna be kicking ass in the USA, and in gunna be at your concerts givin ya the horns!


I just saw the advanced screening. You guys fucking ROCK! I made a donation and I hope it helps you guys! I hope others get the fuck on board and I will look forward to seeing you rock soon!!!
Stay metal, stay the course!!!
I sincerely wish the best for you guys!!!!

LT Nixon

Can't way to see the movie. Stay fucking metal!


You truly understand the power of metal - stay creative and hang in there!


Hey guys, I hope everything works out for you. You are the reason why metal is the best music genre out there. You define what heavy metal is suppose to be about. I cant wait till I get to hear more from you, and eventually get to see you in concert! Rock on guys!

amir ..iran ...ahwaz

hi ACRASSİCAUDA guys ...
I've been searching in mtv headbangers ball blog ...and suddenly some one kik me where it hurts ... heavy metal in baghdaad in advertisements of MTV ????...

wow guys ...congratulations ...we ...in iran ...have this f#@king regime that wont let us have live concerts or relese our albums...heavy metal is haram !!! ...there is not that kinda freedom that youve got there ... but i saw that video that in mtv web site were linked ...thats ; mind blowing!!! ... I mean be careful ... I never have been in a metal concert ...i hope some day me and my frinds can be at Ur concert...

I have some frinds an families over there in baghdaad ...maybe I come and catch up with you some day...

So keep on rocking as long you have the freedom ... and enlighten Ur people with your brilliant music ...

with greetings

amir ..iran ...ahwaz

sorry ...i was so excited over the thing... that i did not read the blog ...

I hope you get hell out of the turky as soon as it is possible ...go somewher that there will be no such problems ...beacuse somehow I know what are you guys going through these days ... I have lot of frind who ran out of Iran beacause of not having that freedom and that threats...
im playing drums and electric guitar for 4 years ...and the practicing issue...been there bro ..been there ...

I Hope we can Meet each other ...some day in free world ...

Stay metal


Hi and Salaam from the USA. I'm so glad to hear that a movie has been made about music from Iraq. Can't wait to see it! I wish you guys all of the best and ask you to please not give up. You all are very brave and strong people. <3 from your American أختي in the USA.

Hilary in Seattle

I just saw your film at the Seattle international film festival - it's fantastic!!!

Please don't give up, I have no doubt this film is going to make a huge difference for the future of Acrassicauda.

Hang in there, guys. You are great.


Hey,I just wanted to say I saw the trailer to the film and I'm so looking forward to seeing the whole thing! I love the sound of your band, you guys really know how to rock! I will pray for your dreams to come true, you all deserve it.


I finally saw your film at the Seattle International Film Festival. It made me laugh and made me cry. You guys define the word "determination". I respect you tremendously, and hope to see you perform in person some day insh'Alah.
Buzzin Blair

jon margulies

keep rocking you guys! i am with you %100 and wish you all of the success in the world.

the film blew my mind...i emailed all of my friends to tell them about it. i don't know if its because i'm a musician, but seeing this film helped me understand what life is like over there more than anything else that i have seen.

thank you.


dudes i am glad that you are still alive and well...its a new world and you have to make your dreams come true through believing in yourselves...you have made it this far...go the distance...don't give up on your dreams now...peace,love and happiness to you all

Kurt from Memphis

It's a tough situation guys, but you ARE surviving. These will be the times you look back on in ten years or more when life is better and say: "how did we make it at all back then?"
Most of the best rock lyricists would agree, that much of their best inspiration for music or lyrics, that have stood the test of time came during times of great emotion, stress, turmoil and trial. In other words your present situation is a gold mine for the stuff that makes bands successful and famous!!
Perhaps there is some inspiration for you in writing a "Ballad of the American Soldier" fighting in Iraq, away from family and friends, trying to make your country a better more peaceful place. Such a song with the proper sentiments might get you some hard-to-earn recognition and publicity, at least in the USA?

All The Best from Memphis.


Hi guys,

I am a french journalist in Istanbul and heard about your story. I would be glad to meet you here. Please give me your contact threw e mail.

mr. zee

hey u guys !

i guess im the only one who came to all ur shows in baghdad , the orfali , the ribat hall , and the last one , im still in this hell hole we call baghdad , but keep on guys, u started it , and we are the followers , heavy metal rules !
and finally >>fuck (i had to say it ! )


I finally got to see the DVD today. It was both heartbreaking and inspiring - you guys are the meaning of the word determination! I wish I could take you all home with me! Metal's true nature seemed to have been forgotten, but you are bringing it back. Best wishes to you and your families, and I hope to one day buy one of your albums and to see you in concert in the US.


i just got the dvd today too. It's the first eye opening experience i have had about Iraqi refugees. If i had any money to spare, i would love to help you guys. I hope you keep updating this site so we can know what happens to you.

best of luck

ryan from seattle

Salaam from the u.s. just saw your movie, it was great dont let them tell u not to rock on!


Saw the film this weekend, your music and story are inspiring. Makes me proud to be a metalhead. I'll definitely support you guys and hope one day you'll make it to the U.S. or Canada.


Wow, you guys are truly, truly, hardcore. I give all the props to you! =]


Wow, you guys are truly, truly, hardcore. I give all the props to you! =]


Can not wait to see the film!You guys have my support,from one head banger to another.
Metal in the Middle East?Hell yes!'Bout time!
Looking forward to more thrashin' sounds making way towards this side of the globe.
And struggling in a shit scenario like war,you know there is serious strength to this music,just make it through and make it over here...I'll buy the 1st ticket to the show!Good luck metal brethren.


Awesome documentary, wishing all of you the best of luck my friends...

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