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February 09, 2009



Way to fuckin' go. I can't wait to see you play in New York City. The heatbunnies are going to be your myspace friend, add me please, so I can say 'I remember them when..." We're always up for helping here.


kifak, chou akhbarak?
Great to see you guys made it to the USA...if you aren't able to come to Canada because of your refugee statuses, then you must come to Detroit, Michigan. DETROIT ROCK CITY! Once you guys have the chance, come to the area to play a show, I guarantee you will get a large audience, ready to rock...plus the Detroit area has the largest Arabic population in the USA...with great food.
All the best, keep on rockin' in the free world!

robert Stoll

Hey guys, I heard your story, and your amazing! Its just amazing what you've been through! Keep rockin on!


Hi I really like your music, when are you going to release something to download or w/e?

Juan francisco Lopez

Heyt whats up dudes

Im Francisco, from Monterrey, Mexico, i was watching dvds in a music store in my city, the last year holydays, and i watch your dvd and i buy it.

I have seen your dvd so many times and is amazing , first how your keep alive in your city with those bombs and missils in all your city (baghdad) and im did surprise when saw your t shirt with the same bands that i like, dimmu borgir rules!

If you can come here to MEXICO it was amazing, contact me please

my e mail is: paco_pmetal@hotmail.com

i play the guitar too and i saw to your lead guitarist and is so good!

here haves another fan




Welcome to NJ!!!! I've been listening to you guys ever since i saw "Heavy Metal in Baghdad" and i must say you rock just as hard as anybody does (if not harder). I cannot wait until I get to see you guys live! Much love.


Acrassicauda (Faisal, Marwan, Tony, Firas). I just watched the documentary last night and found your blog. Welcome to the US! Can't wait to find out more: where you guys will be based out of, and when your album will finally come out! I can't believe you guys made it here, but am really glad to find this out. I'm an old metalhead musician from frigid Minnesota now living in Santa Cruz, California. There's a small metal scene here, dudes. Come down and play. And surf! If you're ever in town, you have a friend. I'll check back here often and support you guys. Rock on! Metal up your ass! Andy


One more thing guys- I hope you finally feel welcome here, in our nation of many nationalities. My impression is that you have good hearts and an unstoppable drive. I'm sure will touch the people you meet here.


Acrassicauda, Iraqi metal:

I probably got plenty of what you have not “peace and ease of life”, however you got what I have been dreaming of since my childhood: to play metal and to get to meet James Hitfield.
I saw the movie and I saw your meeting with James, and I am so proud of you guys as much as you are proud of yourselves being Iraqi and playing this piece of magnificence.
I wish you all the best and success in your careers in the united states, I know very well that you are now in very good hands.



I have just finished watching your documentary and my mind is blown.

I have always had a prejudice against the Middle East, because of all the terrorism and religious nonsense. So when I heard that there was a documentary about a metal band in Iraq, I could not really fathom the thought. I thought that this must be some gross exaggeration.

Within minutes of the documentary, I knew I was terribly mistaken. I could not imagine myself dealing with the shit you guys have to face every single day. I am ashamed to think that I complain about religious persecution in my country (Malaysia), when you guys brave through such horrors.

I have been a heavy metal fan all my life and I believe in the brotherhood. You guys are not only fucking talented - you are a triumph of the metal spirit.

Never give up. I'm not saying that to you - I'm saying that this what you have taught me - to never give up. I hope that generations of metalheads will know you guys as true men and champions of the cause.

A huge part of the metal culture is passion. You guys give new meaning to that word.

A huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders when I read that you guys are now in the States. Who knows - next time I read, you guys are going on tour!

You have touched me deeply with your story, words and music. Please, if you ever pay a visit to Malaysia, everything is on me - my house is your house. And we will drink beer while rocking out to Iron Maiden.

Stay brutal and all the best to your families.



I'm really happy 4 u,,

btw, u have all the rights to be shocked while meeting James :)


I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that you've made it to the States! Your story is such an inspiration. You guys are amazing, and I hope you will continue to persevere.
If you ever go on tour, come see me in Florida! :)


C. Gonzalez

I ordered your dvd and watched it last night. You are amazing and strong... lots of love to Fatima and Fasl... and just like everyone else here, if you ever make it to So Cal/Los Angeles - you have houses and food as well as fellow f***ing headbangers to chill with. Maybe we can set up a mini-festival!

The movie was amazing and I am going to share it with all my friends. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Wishing you all the best...


From the bottom of my heart, I am so glad that you have made it to a place where you can let your art flourish - it is my dearest hope that you will be successful here in the United States.

We have some closed minded people here, but don't let that get you down. For every closed minded person there is one that is willing to think freely and accept new ideas.

Welcome to my country and may you have good fortunes in all you do.


PS: Acrassicauda is an awesome, VERY metal name \m/ (>_<) \m/


I am REALLY glad you are here in the US now. You guys really know how to rock!! I wish nothing but the best for all of you. The music life can be a pain in the neck. I totally know it will happen for you guys because you want it more than anything. You guys had to flee your dag-on country(and a few along the way) just to play heavy metal. You guys are more of an inspiration to people more than you know!

I forgot

Congratulations! I couldnt be anymore happier for you guys! You guys TRULY deserve this. The movie was very emotional for me, as i couldnt ever imagine not being able to play guitar and do what i love, being a musician.

I wish you guys the best of luck! Keep kicking ass!!

Taylor Wiles

How can I get an interview with you?

Taylor Wiles


I have to say out of everyone i have every seen. You guys have blown my ideas about music out of the fucking water. You are perhaps the best damn band i have heard in a while i can tell that you are real mother fuckers. I hope you keep on rocking guys. I was thinking you guys should set a youtube channel and get the word out there to. Acrassicauda forever! (I have no idea if i got that right in the spelling)


Great news, and welcome to America. This country was created for people like you, and whatever else you might be you guys are now Americans too(in spirit if not by law). Keep rockin', and try to get out to The Rex Theatre or Purple Moose, South Side, Pittsburgh PA for a show if you ever can. I'm sure you'll find some fans here in the heart of metal country.


just saw you on tv. welcome to America. good luck, keep the faith and hope to see you on tour soon.

mark z

man dude i just saw your movie just rite now on sundance i could not fucken believe that there were iraqis who even new what metal was man you fucken proved my ass wrong.you guys have so much more heart in this and much more to offer in metal than any new band comin in.i dont think no band here in the states can write songs and play with such aggression as you guys.i have never supported the shit that bush and his group of fuckwads did and i never fucken will.i know we dont know shit about suffering like u guys but the fans u now have feel u and support u with much love.i hope to be able to buy your music soon and add it to my collection soon.hope you are treated well here in america im hispanic so i know it aint easy but good luck bro lol.pure fucken metal.mz777666@live.com

mark z

p.s here in corpus christi,tx we have a place called the house of rock a lot of unergroun bands play there look in to it.

Frankie Coronado

First of all Guys, Welcome to America where with hard work all dream came come true. My name is Frankie Coronado and after watching your documentry I have become a big Acrassicauda Fan and supporter. I hope that you guy have an album in the works and that one day you guys can tour the states and make down to Florida where we love and support our Metal. Good luck in all you guys do and keep Rocking, "Long Live Metal"

Charles Vanscoy

Welcome to the States !!!

Plenty of room on the west coast...Get in touch when you come out. Lots of clubs in San Francisco would love to have you...

The documentary was amazing. Best of luck. Keep us informed on the tour dates...

Charles Vanscoy


Just saw the documentary. It was incredible to see your passion and courage! I'm so glad that you made it to the US.
Keep the dream alive. Hopefully, you'll get to play back home soon!

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