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May 07, 2008



My boyfriend and I watched the documentary last night. I posted messages on myspace about the dvd and your website to spread the word. I have been around bands and musicians most of my life. Your story was a reality check and really touched my heart. Stay Strong! Metal Rules!


My boyfriend and I watched the documentary last night. I posted messages on myspace about the dvd and your website to spread the word. I have been around bands and musicians most of my life. Your story was a reality check and really touched my heart. Stay Strong! Metal Rules!

Bessy Vegas



saw the film in dublin, ireland,
good luck we wish you all the luck in the world

Detlef Dengler


This is Detlef from the german magazine Metal Hammer. We have a new column in our mag where we introduce metal bands from "exotic" metal countries to show our readers that Heavy Metal is a global style without cultural or religious boundaries. If you are interested in doing an interview with Metal Hammer Germany, please contact me asap and I send you the questions.

Hope to hear from you, take care and best wishes,


Saw the film last night, it was amazing. You guys are so metal. Is there any way to buy the soundtrack to the movie, or a demo from you guys? I really dug your music and I'm itching to purchase it any way possible. Thanks

Davy from Scotland, UK.

Just seen your movie and I was truly inspired by the story of your lives, and how you keep going.
And now you are in Turkey, this is great news too hear.
Europe is just within reach, get there, and get too work! :o)
Maybe record producers will want too exploit you because you are a heavy metal band from Iraq. Let them! :o)

I know you guys can make it. I feel it in my bones.
Stay Metal, Stay Strong.

Gary Gillespie

I just saw your HEAVY METAL IN BAGHDAD video and you guys are awsome. Hope to see more and hear more and to see you in the US. Keep it up and keep metal faith in your hearts.You guys are the thing in every metalhead.Be safe and take good care of yourselves. GOOD LUCK AND HOPE TO SEE YOU OUT THIS WAY.
GARY 213


guys, i just sent you a payment for $114.44 US dollars. Its all I had left in my paypal account. but you guys need it way more than I do. I loved the movie, I love your spirit, you guys are amazing. I am envious of your strength. good luck my friends.


Hey guys,

Just watched the film, and I--and the rest of the guys in my band King Hell--wanted to salute you. You're the bravest bunch of metal muthafuckas ever. For what it's worth, we sent ya $25, and will send you more as soon as we can.

Stay strong my metal brothers! We appreciate everything you've done for the cause of music! Let us know if there's anything we can do for you. Might be able to help you with mixing or something if you send us tracks.

-Samwell, and the bastards in King Hell!

P.S. Check us out on myspace. We'd be honored to be your friends. Not gonna put the address here, cuz it wouldn't be appropriate, but I think you can click on my name to go to our band page; if not, google "King Hell" and "myspace".


السلام عليكم

I hope the donations are amounting to something truly helpful. I encourage everyone who enjoyed hearing your story to donate if they can. You are my brothers in metal, you have lived the fucking metal, and I vow to take care of my family any way I can. Most metal out these days is pussy shit, a bunch of brats whining about their daddies not paying attention to them. Acrassicauda could very well be the last hope for true heavy metal. I wish there were something more I could do to help you.


You are all so brave and inspiring!!!!

I sincerely hope that everything works out for you so you can live the lives you always dreamed of. You all deserve it, after everything you've been through and how hard you've worked.

Love from the USA!

- TiCo


by the way, I'm sure if you posted more information about your financial situation it would be easier to get fan donations for you to live off during these hard times.

and I hope you're getting royalties from Vice!!!

Mary Cary

Hey guys, I'm a lead guitarist and play the same Steve Via Ibanez as your guy. I just saw the movie on NetFlix.com and I love your band. I want you on iTunes so I can buy your track. It would be easy to put you guys on iTunes ... I think I could help.

Please put a PAYPAL DONATION BUTTON on your blog so us American Pigs can send you some MONEY!!! We would send money if we knew how.

America might suck but at least here in America, chicks can rock with long hair and play lead guitar... you deserve your dreams and I believe in you. I will pray for you guys...
Love, Mary Cary

Mary Cary

Mary Cary: www.MySpace.com/MaryCaryMusic


Hey Dudes! I was deeply moved and inspired by the documentary. Your band is the definite and true definition of what metal is all about.Keep making music my brothers, as long as there are people like you guys, metal will never die out.We are eager to see your band tour the world in the future hopefully..just stick with creating tunes and never say die!..all the hardship will payoff soon.as they say,Keep the pedal to the metal!!Peace!


Thanks for sharing your story ,\,,/


Hi! I just watched document about you guys and I am so happy that there are people like you, that don't give up in the worst hell you can imagine living in this world. I feel ashamed for what happening in your country and to all of you, especially that I am part of this so called civilized western culture.

And as for metal, it wouldn't be pop or other commercial shit that help you survive such a nightmare. METAL UP YOUR ASS, guys! and KEEP ROCKIN till the end. All the best to band, you, your friends and family.


Acrassicauda brothers,

I'm a Heavy Metal head banger from Portugal. I've downloaded the DVD illegally by torrent but I swear once I get my first pay check (I'm broke and jobless) I'll buy the DVD and will make a donation to the band. I want to contribute with a small part for your future, and want to see you reach the stages of Europe. You guys and your family deserve the recognition for being a hell of a good band, good musicians, and for what I could learn from the watching the DVD intelligent but mostly good wise people. I don't believe in God do I don't pray, but I promisse I'll do my part to fight for your personal cause and for peace in Iraq. ..metal up all the fucker's ass who fucking switch channels and are coward to even face what you lot have been living through to get just a piece of freedom and "heaven" most of us take for granted. Please put Portugal on the list for gigs WHEN (and not if) you get your things going. A huge thank you for your courage and for just being who you are. Keep tall keep strong keep playing please.

Joe Czech

Hey guys. My girlfriend and I just finished watching the DVD documentary. Completely Awesome! It just goes to show the power of dreams and what the universe can offer when you hold your vision, especially with others on board. I came to the site hoping to make a donation, so I hope there is a link for that. Just stay strong and fight the daily fight within. You guys are what metal is all about. I'll definitely meet you guys some day, hopefully playing at the same show on stage with you.
Good Luck From Middletown, Delaware. U.S.


Hey dudes keep us posted with updates! Hope things are going OK in Istanbul and best of luck with the UNHCR resettlement stuff. I sent you guys some money and hope you got it. Let us know how else we can help - metal is a brotherhood and we have to stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers!

Stay metal and good luck from San Francisco USA


One of the most inspiring documentaries on the war that I've seen. You guys are some deep and tough motherfuckers. Most Americans have no idea what goes on in this god damn world. Keep the faith! Sent some dough. Best wishes. Peace brothers, from Salem, Oregon, US.


Hey Guys, I just saw your movie tonight and I really admire your strength, courage, and perseverance. Your music rocks and is great. I have been playing rock/metal/punk music for many years and I am also a mother of a 20 year old who I am going to show your movie to. I hope you are getting some money for the movie. You deserve it! It is real and your description of what is going on feels very honest. I am going to donate to your cause. peace to you. LisaBe

Time Axe

Hey I've just donated $20 CAD from the heavymetalinbaghdad site, I hope it's not some scam and that it gets to you. Please reward me eventually and make an album available, and if I get it I can at least get it onto college radio where I'm at, and I will pass the word to those of metal.

What you guys produce is unlike anything the world has seen, and it needs to be heard. I saw the documentary and I was touched.


I rented the movie even though I'm not into metal and found this site because I wanted to know if you were OK.
I'm soooo sorry about what my country has done to you!
I've protested etc., but of course it hasn't done any good.
It was really weird seeing Megadeth shirts in the movie...long story.
Anyway, I wish you the best.
PS: In case you actually read this could I get emailed some photos? I've been doing a gallery of paintings about the plight of Iraqis and I would love to do some of you guys!

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