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October 25, 2007


Meric Kara

hey guys
i suggest you to leave istanbul, it's the most expensive city you may ever live in Turkiye.
Try to go Hatay/Antakya. almost all of the people there knows how to speak Arabic (i'm from hatay, even my father's native language is Arabic)

good luck.

Meric Kara

oh, try Has Turizm, Sas Turizm, Gunsas turizm, Nur turizm to travel to Hatay/Antakya. these companies always finds a way for you to move to hatay. Their workers all speak Arabic.


Hello Acrassicauda,

I have been following your story and have been touched by your strength, courage and love for music and each other. I am writing a feature on the band for the magazine, Al-Jadid. Would it be possible to email you a few questions? Please email me! I wish you the best, keep strong and positive.
Didi M


Hey Acrassicauda, or even the black scorpion

I'm a true metalhead from sweden, and i love all kinds of metal!
And if you guys, keeping up the good work and get out of this situation alive. I'll promise you have every metalhead from the us and europe supporting your side, and you grew up being the only metal band from baghdad. Since you are the only band, its a long way to rock n roll:)

But keep it up and i´ll see you on your european tour in the near years;)

Good luck and have fun


My name is Mike and I just saw your documentary for the first time today, March 22, 2009. I was very amazed by your determination and I even got very emotional at times. And I'm a 43 year old man from Chicago! You guys really made me think.
I honesyly wish each of you the best in all of your individual lives and of coarse as a band. I also have been in the music biz for most of my life, and I thought it was hard here in Chicago. I guess I learned something. Thank You!
Mike Lamszus


hey guys,
you inspire metal heads everywhere. The strength and determination you have shown are qualities that every metal inthousiast and musician should aspire to. You give hope to millions of people in metal-oppressive societies all over the world and have shown that self-expression is the key to happiness and the start to creating freedom for those who so long for it. Now no one can tell you that you can't do what you love. embrace and enjoy it my friends.

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watched your movie today.Welcome to America !! You've so earned your right to be free....more than most people who were born here. May God Bless you and all that you do >>> ROCK ON !!!!

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