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October 25, 2007



glad to hear that you guys made it out of syria...don't give up now,you connected with us out here in the world so people do give a shit about your situation...don't have any answers but trust in yourselves and god to guide you to your next and hopefully more certain sanctuary...keep on rockin...compose your way out of this thing...write in your head if thats all you got...peace and love to you all...pete


Hi Acrassicuada

I'm a journalist for the BBC World Service and I work on Newshour, our flagship news and current affairs programme. We would really like to interview you on Sunday 28th (tomorrow)about the band, your experiences and your current predicament and play your music. I have tried to get through to Vice Films, but I don't think they work over the weekend. Please can you send me a phone number I can call you on? My email address is Leana.Hosea@bbc.co.uk or mobile number : +447956406799 Thank you very much.
Best wishes
Leana Hosea


I just read your story on Yahoo. I posted about your story on my website and about Heavy Metal in Baghdad.

I can't even imagine what you guys are going through. Maybe we can get you in the States, soon.

Good luck with everything and stay strong.


Hi, just saw your article on Yahoo news, I think my country's Government (USA) should help you since they are responsible for this quagmire.

Here in California you would be quite a hit I am sure.

I hope all this publicity helps you guys.


As quote from Guns&Roses - Welcome to the jungle


all i got to say is that if you're going to belong to a community, it better have metalheads in it. the international metal community is totally behind you, it looks.


Dude...i give you guys MASS respect for playing heavy metal which in your culture can be considered as "satanic" music...you guys are my idols...i hope everything goes well for you guys ill be praying...PEACE.

todd cayce

Now here is a cause every metal head should get behind.I hope everyone who reads about you will join in to help out.

quebec metal scene

can these musulmans just shut the fuck off about others people choice and life. metal is the most expresive form of music and i dont think they have right to persecute people trying to say the fuck they want on the music they want. people in here can play skinhead music people wont gunshot for this.... this is stupid

im with the band and lots of quebecers think my way

quebec metal scene

they talk about you on tv here in canada guys:P youl get what your fighting for!!


hello fellow metal brothers. i just want you to know that i am completely behind you, you have my support. and what little financial support i can give, it is yours. i am in a band, and i am a lifelong defender of the faith, but you guys are true heroes, worthy of acclaim from halford, dickinson, kronos, and every metal god around the world. keep it heavy friends. we will see you in the U.S. one day soon. acrassicauda forever.


lets get you guys out of that shithole!


hey guys

im only 13

but im gonna still give you some money, cause i listened to you on myspace...and its not just your position that people idolise you for.....YOU ROCK!

i'd recommend coming to britian, cause of all the assylum seeking stuff. the goverment there will support you (i think)

keep rocking

and im gonna tell all my friends about the most hard rocking band of the east :)

Andre Arruda

I'm a photographer in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and I would like to salute you guys for playing Metal in such adverse conditions.

Metal isn't an easy music anywhere, but, as we know, it has a liberating energy and powerful.

Keep going! I'm sending the link of the doc film for all my friends and metal sites everywhere. I even sent the link to Iggor Cavalera, Sepultura's drummer and a acquaintance of mine.


Raf Finn

Hey guys...

I've been following you ever since you got your documentary on youtube up, and I've got to say this REALLY does look like a shithole.

I hope you guys realize you have got a couple MILLION fans in North America, maybe a few more million across europe. Meanwhile in Iraq, people want to kill you. Funny how the world works...

Just stay strong, get out of there, and maybe one day you can start to make music again.

We're all with you.

Karlynn Holland

Hey guys,

I just saw this recent message and I wanted to say that even though Turkey may not be treating you like the kings you are, at least it is good you are still away from the mess and violence that you came from. When I think of what my country has done, it makes me so sick. I hope you are all getting by somehow, finding life in the midst of this wandering, and I salute your heart and courage! I do not know if I could have passed up my plane ticket for anyone, but the love you have for eachother is incredible and should show everyone how much heart it takes to be a metal band. I set up links to your website everywhere and my friends have doing the same. One day you will be in a place where you will be able to have eqipment and can make more totally brutal music! Until then, know that everyday is worth having, everyday is worth living. Don't give up your heart, or your hope! When you are all able to play a show again, I will be there banging my head, giving you horns!



Karlynn Holland

PS: WHEN (no fucking ifs...WHEN) you dudes finally taste freedom again and start playing your music, I want to draw out your album artwork! Seriously! Here is some stuff I did for another band:


You guys rule. It would be my SUPREME honor. \m/\m/


ACRASSICAUDA - Don't lose hope! I ran across your band in the newest Revolver magazine here in the U.S. and I was amazed by your story. I was in the military and while stationed in Iraq in 2004 we played battle of the bands in your country. It felt like I was bringing something that has always been a huge part of my life to a country I had never been before. The way of life there is so different from what I was used to, but it felt good to have my music with me and still be able to play the music I love and live by. I was really inspired by your passion for metal music and your determination to pursue it in the face of adversity. Get safe, settled, put out a CD, tour, and keep fucking rocking!!!!!!!!!!!

Blashyrkh Demon

I must say you guys are truly metal to the core...I think no other band can say they have survived a war and cheated death many times...And have had death threats from terrorists..I mean you guys beat out early 90s Black Metal in Norway...I am planning to donate money soon about $50..Damn the USA for not letting you guys in your not fuckin terrorists just cause your from Iraq...Anyways Stay Strong..METAL FOREVER

Alex Barros

Guys, I've heard from you since Vice mag made the documentary (watched it, say, half year ago) and I'm totally behind you! I can't imagine what you guys are really passing through now, but I wish you all the best luck in the world and hope to hear from you soon in a more comfortable situation!! Please never let the fire of heavy metal fade from your hearts! If you come tour at Sao Paulo (Brazil) one day, be sure that I'll be there banging my head and going nuts!!


The word is spreading...




مرحبا شباب أني عراقي و مهتم بموضوعكم صحيح أني ما أستمع إلى موسيقى الهيفي ميتل بشكل خاص بس أني مو ضدها. على أية حال بس حبيت أحييكم على أفكاركم و مجهودكم كفرقة.
و أتمنالكم التوفيق


Saw a little paragraph in Rolling Stone, went to the www.heavymetalinbaghdad.com website and had to send in a donation. Im also spreading the word through several Iraq related forums.


Dennis Post

Hello guys!
You just became my biggest heroes and inspiration!! Being a metal musician myself, I respect you beyond belief.
I can´t enter your myspace-account for some wierd reason, so here we go.....
I have a business proposal for you that includes travelling and a lot of headbanging, so if you could send me your mail address I could explain further:-)
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Stay heavy
Dennis Post
Evil Beauty Agency (Denmark)


hi dudes,
as a Turkish guy I might suggest few things, even though you might not be able to access internet and read the comments...
first off, Istanbul is hell...you are right that not many people speaks english...arabic; even impossible to find someone who speaks that...you might wanna get out of there and move to the other cities/towns such as Balikesir...it is cheaper at least...and of course if you have the cash for a bus ticket...

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