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September 06, 2007


Meg Lulofs

Hey guys, haven't seen the movie yet, but a buddy of mine sent me a link to the film. I hope I get to see it! Looks awesome. Listen, it's probably really hard to get into the country, but if you guys can make it to Washington DC, you've got a home with me. I've got enough room at my place for all of you--stay for a while, stay until you figure out what's next, whatever you need. Besides, there's a really great Iraqi restaurant not far from my apartment :) Cheers guys, and good luck.

*metal grrrrooooowwwwwwwlllllll*


you guys rock...I have followed you guys since last year on VBS...dudes you gotta get out of that place...there's a better life waiting for have to get here and tour...stay alive guys and rock on...peace and love to all


I love that metal is a universal language and that even in war torn Iraq, there is a group of Metal heads that just want to play loud f***ing music. Keep fighting, you guys, and don't give up!
Something will come through, and I know you will leave that place to rock the rest of the world!

Eric Williams

Hopefully I will be able to see you guys someday in Minnesota. Metal is what the future of music should be.


You might try sending press packets to American record labels with the documentary and your demos. Everyone wants to succeed on their own merits (the old fashioned way) but it might be possible to capitalize on your film and the sheer novelty American audiences might find in your music. You might try Serg Tankians' (of System of a Down) record label Sergical Strike (check the spelling on that). Nothing Records might also be a good fit. Your best bet I would say would be to try and get picked up by a label that can market you (put you on tour). If you want to stay European you might try Nuclear Blast.
I don't know how Emigration works in Syria, is there any where else you are allowed to travel to... If you can get out of Syria (anywhere else) then you might be able to travel farther from there.
Is it possible to apply for a work VISA? I am not sure how you applied previously but I know in many cases work VISAs will be granted when tourist VISAs and student VISAs will not.
If you do end up back in IRAQ try and get your music to the US personnel in the field many of those soldiers might very well support your art. Even if you cant perform immediately having a following from the people in power would probably be good.


Stay strong guys & don´t lose faith - Metal & Freedom Forever, For Everyone & Everywhere! Rooting for you in Seattle, USA!


You guys rock. I love the courage. Unfortunatly, I have not seen the film, only the trailer. Personally I think that your actual music needs to be heard. As individuals, all that you stand for is outstanding, but lets get back to metal. Record some songs and get it out there. If it is, then let me know how to find it. As far as the fight, keep it strong, you'd be suprised how many people know about you all, and are waiting to hear some good news, in the mean time, we are waiting to hear some heavy shit! Once I know where to find your music, we can get a good fan base and how hard would it be then to find a producer, and a few plane tickets?? c'mon! By the way... you stand for everything that is metal.


I put in my bit for your emergency fund. You guys have to live to tell the tale of Playing Metal in the middle of Hell on Earth. I hope this doesn't offend as I am sickened by our governments part in this crime done to your country. Hopefully you guys get to settle in Australia, we need a decent Metal Band.


You guys rock, and I really, really hope you manage to get past your current difficulties and stay together as a band. I haven't seen the film but I will when it comes out in London, and will drag all my friends along too.

I can't even begin to imagine how much courage you must all have had even to get together as a band and to play metal - it's a real inspiration.

Stay strong and stay metal. I would love to see you guys play in the UK sometime. Let's make it happen. \m/-_-\m/


Fukkin METAL!!!!

You guys are holding the flag higher than anyone. You got no one but eachother. And you keep the horns flying, you draw life from the holy scriptures. It is an inspiration. I'm an old school head, got Master of Puppets on cassette when it came out. Metal was and is my refuge, it is what gives us strength to be ourselves. From Metallica to Lamb of God, from Maiden to Gojira. True Metal will always be scorned by the masses, as it should be. It is the sound of dreams, and dreams are difficult for those not having them in that way to understand. But metal will always be truth for the congregation, those whose faith drive and inspire the flame of heaviness. Disciples of the highest order!

Your story is amazing, your faith is infinite. And your grooves - they are SICK!! They were killing me during the film. I loved those extended sections like in the beginning, when you were just hypnotic. You guys have some shit goin on.

Your dreams will come true. People are conspiring now to make it happen. I only pray that we can find you a place of peace to build towards them in time.

America has lost its way. It has twisted the ideals it was built upon into something unrecognizable to us all. Thomas Jefferson warned of the military industrial complex eventually controlling the political process. And here we are. Its amazing that people refer to an invasion a "war." An invasion sold to the American public in the guise of humanitarianism, and a withdrawl now discussed in terms of pure selfishness.

Many of us are sorry beyond words. To have these things done in our name is unfathomable.

I'm going to donate, and will be following your story. You guys are so inspiring, and I'm so so sorry that my county's actions have done this to you.

If you make it to Los Angeles, know you have a place to stay, just drop me a line.

Keep the faith!!! Fukkin METAL 4eva!!!!!!

Hello Tony, Firas, Faisal and Marwan

Your dreams will come true. People are conspiring now to make it happen. I only pray that we can find you a place of peace to build towards them in time.



esther attar machanek

wish you luck, i send your letter to all my address who maybe could help you or get in touch with you.


Luke McDonald

The 1 true freedom in this world is music, and i raise my horns to you guys. Sounds like you've been through hell and back but that just gives you all the more reason to succeed. I'll quote Gen. G Patton 'as i walk through the wshadow in the valley of death i have no fear because i know im the meanest mother fucker in the whole goddamn valley'
Keep it loud keep it metal!!!!!!!!!
metal forever


Hey Guys!
I just wanted to say that the fact that you countinues to play your awsome music and not giving up to threats is inspiring! I'm sorry you have to go throgh all this and i wish you the best luck in finding a refuge, and a place to play! Best wishes and good luck from all Metal Heads in israel!


After hearing your interviews on national public radio, I must tell you that my hat is off to you. You gents are a brave bunch and it’s nice to see that people care for the ridicules abuse some of those average people live under every day. I hope your films and chronicles go on to inspire more to take action. Great job and keep your head down.

Mike from Apppleton Wisconsin


Hi acrassicauda,

I would like to first of all wish you th best of luck. I would lik to also find out where i can purchas your music, as i have only briefly heard a littl bit, but woulf very much love to support my own people who are making music that I love....I would appreciate it very much and look forward to seeing you in concert one day.

Dee from the UK


loved the movie! want to see you headbanging in the US will donate AND buy the DVD. keep the faith.


Hey guys just finished watching Heavy Metal in Baghdad and I have to say I am inspired by your ongoing determination after all you have been through. I only wish there was something I could do to help I am from Canada and after viewing what has happened to your country and the people of Iraq I feel ashamed being from North America. George Bush is a total FUCK UP! Trust me when I say not many people in my country can stand him we all think he is the devil himself. God bless all of you and your families I will pray for you so your situation does get better. Please try and keep your spirits up I am sure it will turn around for you one of these days it has too.

Sincere Regards: Cal

Steve Baquero

NEVER give up your fight....I am here,if there is anything I can possibly do to help...I love your fortitude...and your stand for metal!!!!! brothers in metal for life!!!!


i wached your documentary in school today. i found it very interesting. i love the kind of music that you play. you guys sound really awesome. keep on going. you guys have made it this far, you can make it anywhere. keep safe and much thanks for showing people they dont have to be afraid to do what it is they really want to do. METAL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!


come on guys all of us with you hope youll get the better u r really strong to pass throught all of this ..
your brother

Iraqi Pentagram Lord

This band rocks, dear dead and alive Iraqis this band is not just the first Iraqi metal band, its the greatest, influenced us (Iraqis residing in Egypt) to make our own metal albums. You guys are awesome.

belliot sylvere

where are you now?just watch your movie(09/21/08)I'm A FRECNCH DUDES IN "US".Love heavy metal.How come no groups founds you?

belliot sylvere

where are you now?just watch your movie(09/21/08)I'm A FRECNCH DUDES IN "US".Love heavy metal.How come no groups founds you?

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